The Secret to Tiger's Success


The Tiger Attitude

By: J.L. Lewis


April 2009



Tiger Woods is frequently asked, "What is the secret to your continual domination of golf?" His reply is typically, "My mind." In interviews, he rarely says anything negative about himself or his game. Tiger is questioned by reporters frequently.  In response to the typical question, "How did you play today?" Tiger's answer is generally something like, "I struck the ball well today." It doesn't matter whether he scores well or not, he communicates something positive about the round.

Without question, Tiger Woods is the greatest pressure player ever.  His constant focus on the positive is a mirror of how he thinks.  I believe the reason he never chokes is because negative thoughts do not enter his mind and the thoughts in his mind are exactly what he expounds in interviews. "I'm playing well," or "My short game has improved," are examples of his consistently positive mental outlook. Whether he has a putt to win a tournament or answering the most relentless reporter’s question, his thoughts and words are focused on what he is doing well. To the trained eye, it's obvious that Tiger is not the straightest ball striker, and he shows his temper on occasion, notwithstanding, he has the ability to forget the immediate past and be completely focused on the next shot to execute it proficiently.  Tiger works to eliminate any potential weaknesses in practice so that he can be totally committed to each shot during the round and be prepared to execute to the best of his ability. 

What is the secret to Tiger’s success?  The answer is undeniable; it is his attitude about himself and his golf game.  His constant attention to what he does well has become ingrained from a lifetime of knowing how to think.  From a very young age he was taught to focus on the positive, play without distractions, and to believe that he is the best golfer in the world.  Tiger is a positive role model for other golfers.  Observe how Tiger stays positive and emulate that attitude in order to reach your full potential.  This attitude can be carried over into all aspects of life.  With practice you will see positive results on and off the golf course.