The Teacher/Player Relationship


By: J.L. Lewis


September 2009



In the game of golf the teacher/player relationship is more involved than most other sports for several reasons.  From an early age most golfers has some form of instruction from a professional or a parent.  Often times, young golfers will stay with the same instructor for many years like Jack Nicklaus with Jack Grout or Harvey Penick with Ben Crenshaw.  Golfers will generally go through several instructors throughout their golf lives and settle on the one they feel most comfortable with, like I have with instructor Bill Moretti, at the Academy of Golf Dynamics


I have worked with several instructors throughout my career, beginning at age seven with Gene Schmidt, who was the PGA Professional at Emporia Country Club.  Other instructors from Emporia Country Club who had an influence on my golf game are; Mary Fay Bradley, Junior Golf Instructor, Jimmy Santa Maria, Club Professional and Pat Tobach, PGA Professional.  Leroy Wilcox was my golf instructor for a little while and he was the Superintendent at Emporia Municipal Golf Course as well. I learned from Stan Thirsk who was the PGA Professional at Kansas City Country Club, as well as Ron Blevins, who was the Wichita State University Golf Coach.  I was fortunate to have received lessons from Harvey Penick, who was the PGA Professional at Austin Country Club, author of the Little Red Book, and who passed away April 2, 1995.  Others who have influenced my golf game are Dick Harmon, PGA Professional at River Oaks Country Club in Houston, who is the brother of Butch Harmon, and Bill Farkas, PGA Professional at Las Vegas Country Club.  The instructors who have influenced my life and game from the Academy of Golf Dynamics in Austin, Texas are Mike Adams, PGA Professional, Chuck Cook, PGA Professional, Jackson Bradley, PGA Professional, and finally Bill Moretti, who has been my instructor for the past 15 years.  I gained valuable information from each of these instructors. 

Bill Moretti saw instant improvement in my golf game without any down time and this is exactly what I needed as I was 35 years old and at a crossroads in my playing career.  Bill not only gave me the correct information to play better quickly, he also began to show me how to fix my own swing on the golf course.  Our relationship has grown to one of complete trust because I know the information Bill gives me is 100% correct.  Bill has seen me swing so many times that he can fix my swing over the phone in less than five minutes.  I have called him on at least 50 occasions from the road after a round of golf and after receiving his input I strike the ball great the next day.  This has been an invaluable confidence builder for me to know that Bill is on my team and has this true gift for instruction. 

Bill is the founder of the Academy of Golf Dynamics in Austin, Texas, which offers golf schools and high quality golf instruction. 



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