Nutrition and Mental Clarity


How Diet Affects the State of Mind


April 2009



Golfers expend several hours of physical and mental energy in order to play 18 holes of golf.  In order to be mentally and physically able to perform at an optimum level it is essential to have adequate nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. 


There are many factors to consider when thinking about the type of “proper nutrition” that is best for sustaining a round of golf; including optimization of:  physical strength, endurance, blood sugar levels, decision making, emotional control, and maintaining a feeling of overall well being.  To feel great and play your best golf it is important to learn and implement proper nutritional habits.


Prior to a round of golf, eat a nonacidifying breakfast filled with nutrient-rich calories.  Lighter foods will digest more quickly so be prepared and bring healthy snacks on the golf course to stay energized and focused throughout the day. Some ideal on-the-course snacks are fruits, nuts, food bars (these may be found in grocery stores; the best options have the fewest ingredients which are recognizable), and mineral-rich water.


Eating proteins, carbohydrates and fats are all important, but it really depends on knowing and consuming the right ones. Carbohydrates without protein or fats tend to make a person hungry quickly and can cause a drop in blood sugar. Eating a high protein and carbohydrate filled meal may keep you from feeling hungry, but it causes acid generation in the body.  Eating the right balance of foods is key.


Alkalinizing, connexin-enhancing, nutrient dense food is what the body needs according to Dr. Darrell Tanelian, M.D., Ph.D., who created the Molecular Fitness Lifestyle.  He explains, "The HealthConnexin Lifestyle improves your body’s pH (alkalinizes you). Maintaining an alkalinized state is important because it can enhance your connexin function." Fruits and vegetables are examples of alkalinizing foods.  Alkalinizing waters high in the proper minerals, such as Apollinaris or Gerolsteiner can assist in maintaining an alkaline state in the body. 


To help neutralize proteins from creating an acidic condition in the body eat them in combination with fruits and vegetables.  This could be a small amount of fish such as salmon or a lean cut of meat no bigger than the palm of your hand, with twice as many servings of vegetables and fruits than meat. Pure sources of protein may also be found in nuts, legumes, vegetables, and the advantage is that they are less acidifying than animal protein or carbohydrates.


Paying attention to what is put in the body can have a huge effect on how you feel.  In order to enhance your energy and mental clarity experiment with your diet.  You may find that eating a balanced, nutrient dense, alkalinizing meal will improve how you feel physically and mentally, and may even improve your golf game!


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