Bill Moretti Interview


Interview with Master Golf Instructor Bill Moretti


March 2009


Bill Moretti is a professional golf instructor and the founder of The Academy of Golf Dynamics. Bill is a Class “A“ Professional and recognized as one of the foremost authorities of the golf swing. He has been a golf coach for several PGA TOUR players, including J.L. Lewis.


Q: What do you most enjoy about being a golf instructor?


A: I initially started teaching because I love the game of golf and the mechanics of the golf swing. Now I enjoy teaching for the thrill of helping others play better golf.


Q: What are some methods of teaching you use with your students?


A: I have studied all the methods and use some of them with each student. I try to set the student up with their own personal concept to work with. Then I teach them the cause and effect of their ball flight. Lastly, I teach them how to fix their own swing through drills and visualizations.


Q: You have been instrumental in J.L. Lewis' success as a PGA TOUR player and in his broad understanding of the game of golf. Can you say a little about J.L.'s evolution as a golfer over the years?


A: JL is a blessed athlete and has always had the talent to be on the PGA TOUR. It should have happened in his early 20`s, but he didn`t have the proper instruction to fit his swing to make it repeatable and competitive. He persevered and worked hard in the early years and eventually got his game and confidence to where he could play at the highest level.


Q: What is the most important thing to understand about the game of golf in order to play successfully?


A: You have to be somewhat of an athlete to begin with. It also helps to play hitting and throwing sports when younger. It takes time and a lot of practice and you have to develop all facets of the game. This includes the mental side of the game and the short game. Most golfers will tell you that you only hit a few good shots during a round, but the short game and mental side will get you through with a decent score.


Q: Is teaching golf a learned ability or a talent one is born with?


A: It is both, first you have to have the knowledge to teach the mechanics to different golfers. You adjust to the build, coordination, learning style and personality type of each golfer. This takes many years to learn how to do. If you are born with the ability and the drive to help individuals, you know it is your purpose.