The Mental Game


Mental Insights from Maureen Mahoney


April 2009



Q: How important is a golfer’s state of mind and its impact on their ability to perform at their best?


A: A golfer's state of mind is tremendously important. Many coaches have said that their athletes win or lose the game or the race before the event actually begins. How? It's all about the athlete's state of mind. If a golfer is anxious and nervous it will inhibit his or her flexibility, flow, ease, and the ability to "give their all" in their swing or putt. If the golfer's mind or thoughts are cluttered with a recent upset or problem, his or her attention and thoughts will drain his mental energy. As a result, there is less available mental strength to focus on the game. When a golfer can put 100% of his or her mind or thoughts into their game and all the details of it, they play their best.


Q: What’s the best way to handle erratic emotions on the golf course?


A: There's a  saying in the health field, "It's easier to prevent illness than cure disease."  There's a similarity with  managing one's emotions on the golf course.  It's pretty tough to work on handling erratic emotions when you're in the middle of playing golf. The easiest thing to do would be to decide before you even get to  the golf course, what would be the most favorable emotion  and attitude to play your game.  For example,  if you chose to play golf feeling confident and grounded, there would be a much greater chance of maintaining a flow of steady emotions rather than experiencing erratic ones.  If the golfer adds in a positive attitude; for example, "I'm going to play my best game", this adds to the golfer's mental strength and fortifies him/her when dealing with stress on the course. Mentally play your game before you actually get out there!


Maureen Mahoney

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