Importance Quality Golf Instruction


By: J.L. Lewis


May 2009



The ultimate goal of any player is to shoot their best score. One way to help them do this is to be able to fix their own golf swing while on the course during competition. The difficulty with attempting to fix one's own golf swing is that often times it takes a well trained professional with the correct information and experience to accurately diagnose and deliver the necessary remedy for each golfer's swing. Rather than use the trial and error method to fix one's own swing, the best way to obtain self-sufficiency is to work with a qualified instructor to learn your golf swing.

For a beginning golfer, it is best to seek qualified assistance to learn the correct fundamentals, and for the experienced golfer, it is still wise to find a qualified instructor to assist with your game.  Working with a qualified instructor will shorten the amount of time spent on attempting to fix your golf swing, and should give you a clearer understanding of what to work on in practice sessions. Ask your instructor to give you drills and techniques to practice on the driving range for your particular needs. Gaining the proper knowledge will help you to fix your own swing during a round of golf.

How do you find a qualified instructor? Go to PGA of America website to find a qualified pro in your area. In Austin, Texas we recommend the Academy of Golf Dynamics at the Hills of Lakeway.  Also, the "Pocket Pro" edition of "Golf Tips from the Tour" is a great tool for working on the proper fundamentals and on-course fixes.



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