The Importance of a Good Caddie



By: J.L. Lewis


June 2009



A caddie can be a very important part of a player's game and has an influence on the player in many areas including; attitude, club selection, green reading, knowing the rules and handling pressure. Some of the caddies I've had were outstanding because of their ability to know how far the ball was going on that particular day, as well as their ability to help select the correct club. When selecting a caddie, look for one that has the ability to pick the right club in each situation and is competent at reading greens.


The caddies who are the most successful stay calm when the pressure is the greatest. A caddie who is proficient in all of these areas can be worth two or three shots a round and they earn every dollar they make. Lastly, a caddie should be able to stay out of the way of a player when he is playing well and still contribute without interrupting the flow of the game. Look for these positive qualitites when selecting a caddie and your golf game will improve quickly.