Golf was Created by Sheepherders


By: J.L. Lewis


April 2009



People have played golf for motives of all kinds for years.  The game was created by sheepherders who were looking for something to do while they tended their sheep in Scotland in the 14th century in the place where the famous Golf Club of St. Andrews now resides.  They began by using sticks and rocks they found as the golf club and ball, and the next dune as the target.  As the game progressed golfers have created way more motivation to play golf than the originators ever imagined. 


A natural form of competition, golf quenches the urge to attain success through accomplishing goals on the golf course.  The business of golf has grown to unimaginable heights with hundreds of thousands of companies related to the business.  The billions of dollars spent on the game each year is mind boggling and people continuously search for ways to play better golf.  The creative imaginations of golfers are constantly working to create ten extra yards or find a putter that is guaranteed to make more putts.  All of this, plus the fact that golf can be played over a lifetime proves that people enjoy the constant challenge the game provides.  The game was first and foremost created to establish a method to sustain a form of fun that can last most of a day.  When the game is fun and only fun then the original and most important purpose of the greatest game ever is being accomplished.  Focus on having fun and the nature of the game will be a constant reminder to you of why you play golf.