A Time for Setting GOALS!



February 2009


The New Golf Season
A Time for Setting GOALS!


The new season is a time of celebration for the achievements accomplished during the previous cycle. It is also a time to set goals for the future. Goal setting is a way to actuate our wants and dreams into reality.  Our wants and dreams will remain abstract until we write them down or say them aloud.  In that way we affirm our goals to ourselves and others.


Set achievable and measurable goals.  Include all aspects of your being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Each morning we awake to a new day.  We learn from the previous day and leave it behind us. Likewise, with a new year we start anew, feeling clear in mind and body, prepared for the journey that lies ahead.


Just as we set goals for different levels of “being” in life, we can also set goals for different aspects of the golf game.  For example, set goals for the short game, long game, mental game, etc.  Set goals which are attainable, set a time frame for achieving them, and determine a way of measuring progress while achieving these goals.


Once golf game goals are set, it is helpful to set up a practice game or routine which will improve each particular goal.  For instance, if the goal is to chip to within five feet of the pin 75% of the time, then play a practice game in which you stay on one green and practice chipping until you've hit 10 balls in a row to within five feet of the pin.  Regular exercise allows us to feel progress towards our goals in a more enduring manner as opposed to forgetting goals soon after setting them.


Including goals in our golf routine and keeping those goals in mind will bring results to fruition faster and more efficiently.  The journey we take when accomplishing goals is always a part of the process.  We should continually remain open to the educational experience that each moment has to offer, and celebrate each win along the way.