Golf Lessons for My Son


By: J.L. Lewis


September 2009



Golf Tips from the Tour sprang forth from a birthday inspiration for our son, Cole.  I felt that the best gift I could give Cole to help him attain his dream of becoming a PGA TOUR Player was the gift of the knowledge and experience that led to my success on the PGA TOUR.   I believe that people learn most effectively through trial and error on their own efforts.  With that being said, understanding of anything can be assisted in a positive way with proper information at the appropriate time.  Our son, Cole is an excellent example.  He has liked golf for most of his life but was not enthusiastic about the game until just before attending college at Texas State University.  That was six years ago and Cole has definitely come a long way with his golf game since then.  During his first year in college he shot anywhere from 88 – 100, and he now shoots around par on a regular basis.  Cole is an extremely long hitter and has had to work to gain control of his swing and ball flight.  He is left eye dominant, which has presented some alignment challenges because left eye dominant golfers who play right handed have a tendency to line up to the right of the target.  To correct his alignment, he works with a golf club on the ground every time he practices to make sure his alignment is correct.  He also fights an open clubface at address and has had to re-train his eye to square the clubface up to the target before each shot. 

The more comfortable Cole has become with his setup being aligned properly, the more he has begun to work on swing corrections.  He is very flexible, so he goes well past parallel at the top of his swing.  This has caused some timing issues so he uses several drills to address this.  To help his arms and body to become more in sync, he hits balls starting with the club eight inches behind the ball at address, with the club slightly open so that he can begin to feel a proper takeaway without having to focus on it.  As he has progressed, he has incorporated drills like swinging with one arm only so he can get a feel for where the club is throughout his golf swing.  He also uses practice drills like “swing back” and “turn through” which gives him the feel of arms only on his back swing and body only on the follow through which gets the arms working together and connected to the body on the downswing.  A tip that has worked well for Cole is to take the club away with both arms which allows for an on plane takeaway and allows the club to open on the backswing.  All of these drills are practiced on the range.  On the course a helpful tip for him is to waggle the club properly prior to each swing.  The evolution of Cole’s golf game has been exciting to watch as he continues to improve.



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